Concrete Grinding

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What is Concrete Grinding?

Concrete grinding involves the use of specialised machinery with diamond blades to clean and level the surface of a concrete slab removing any residue from adhesives, sealants or paint. This process results in a smooth and level concrete floor that is ready to be polished or have new flooring installed.


What services do you offer?

• Removal of all adhesives, epoxy, paint, screed & sealants.

• Floor leveling & elimination of trip hazards.

• Grind, seal & polishing of concrete.

• Repair of water damaged concrete.

• Surface preparation for new flooring installation such as tiles, vinyl or timber.

Why do I need Concrete Grinding?

Before the installation of any new floor covering such as tiles, vinyl or timber, you must first insure that you have a clean and level concrete slab to work with because any adhesive residue from your previous flooring installation will affect the quality of your new floors.

Concrete that has not been ground down and finished to a high standard, will result in uneven flooring that is ugly, uneven and prone to more rapid deterioration than a properly laid floor.

Adhesive residue on a concrete surface can be a headache to remove, especially if the adhesive has been there for years. With the use of our specialised grinders, our professional team are able to remove all residue from the concrete surface leaving you a smooth and clean concrete slab.

Why choose Hard Labour?

When it comes to concrete grinding, Hard Labour is the among the most experienced and professional companies in Melbourne. Our highly trained team have been working in the industry for years and our company has developed a reputation of providing quality workmanship at a competitive price.

We have extensive experience in concrete grinding, as much of the work we do involves floors laid on concrete slabs. We also take great pride in our work and we will not leave a job site until we think the work is of a standard that we would accept in our own homes.

We are also a fully insured and Australian owned business that always aims to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Our vast knowledge of concrete grinding together with our effective and efficient approach allows us to deliver a superior end result for our customers.

We also know that our name is on the line each and every time we do a job, and that a good or bad word-of-mouth reputation can make or cost us many thousands of dollars.

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