Dust-free Tile Removal

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On average, when we complete a domestic dust-free tile removal job, we take four garbage bags of dust away with us. That’s not an overestimate or us trying to illustrate a point, that’s four actual garbage bags of ultra-fine, tile and adhesive dust that isn’t going to be breathed in by you, your children or your pets.


That’s also four bags worth of dust that you won’t still keep finding in hard to reach places months later.

Is it really 100% dust free and what’s involved?

While our dust-free tile removal service is very good, we don’t want to exaggerate or mislead. Due to the tiny size of dust particles, we can’t guarantee that 100% of them will be captured.

That being said, we are comfortable with saying that 99% of the dust will leave with us, and our customers often comment on how surprised they are that the process is so clean.

So how do we achieve these amazing results?

We take a three-pronged approach to dust-free tile removal. Firstly, our tile removal tools and grinders use vacuums and lossless dust bags. Second, we use industrial-grade air-filtration units that hoover up any escaped dust. Third, we periodically inspect domestic areas and vacuum up any dust that may have accumulated.

We finally do a site-clean and vacuum at the end of the job, and take any tile debris and bags of dust with us when we leave.

What dust-free tile removal services do we offer?

• Free quote with no hidden fees

• Indoor and outdoor dust-free tile removal

• Dust-free adhesive grinding

• Preparation of subfloor for re-laying

• Site clean-up and removal of dust and tile debris

Why do I need professionals to remove my domestic tiles?

What is your time worth to you?

Removing tiles is a very labour-intensive job. Unless you already work in the industry, you probably won’t have the specialist tools on hand to do the job quickly and efficiently.

We often get calls from DIY renovators who’ve attacked their tiles with a scraper and hammer, only to realise halfway through their renovation that removing a room full of tiles is a huge job.

What’s more, tiles need a smooth, even surface to be laid correctly on the subfloor. Poorly laid indoor and outdoor tiles can be seen and felt very easily.

If you are renovating and the workmanship is poor, your friends and family will know. If you are selling your property, buyers will factor in that they may need to re-lay the tiles when making an offer.

Why choose Hard Labour?

We’ve been in the Melbourne tile removal industry a long time and we know how bad breathing in tile dust can be. That’s why we’re committed to removing your tiles in a convenient and efficient but safe way, with our dust-free tile removal system.

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Indoor, outdoor, ceramic, porcelain, sandstone, granite or slate, we’ve seen them all and have removed them all. If you choose Hard Labour, your next home renovation will be in our experienced hands.

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