We specialise in residential stripouts of any type and size.

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Is there a specific room of your house you’d like renovate? Or, maybe you want a completely blank slate to design your dream home?

Whatever your specific needs, we can give you the canvas you need to make your dreams a reality.


What’s involved in Complete Stripout?

A complete stripout (also called defit) can be of a room or an entire house. Because each and every job will have different requirements, we would discuss your unique stripout needs with you first.

If you needed the complete defit of a functional room such as a bathroom or kitchen, that’s not a problem. We specialise in kitchen removals and bathroom stripouts, where we can remove all fittings and fixtures, along with the removal of floors in preparation for re-laying.

If you want an entire house gutted, we can do that too. Complete stripouts are usually the biggest and most labour intensive type of stripouts and we’ve got the crews and the resources to do them.

We would remove any moveable objects such as whitegoods or remaining furniture. Then we would remove fittings and fixtures; stripout functional rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms; remove all flooring; demolish the gyprock roofing and walls; and return all plumbing and electrical cabling to its original condition.

For both types of stripouts or defits, we would organize to have all the debris removed from the site and have the site left clean and tidy for the next stage.

What services do we offer?

• Free quote

• Complete stripouts of single rooms

• Complete house stripouts

• Removal of debris from premises and cleanup of site

Why do I need a professional for my complete stripout?

When it comes to single room complete stripouts, using a professional outfit such as Hard Labour gives you complete peace of mind. We have a large experienced team, we can work to any deadline, and we’re fully insured in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Why choose Hard Labour?

When you hire us, you’ll probably have other contractors booked and ready to go for other parts of the project. We appreciate this, so we’ll work as if they are waiting outside for us to finish.

Our complete stripouts are of the highest standards and we would never do anything to damage our stellar reputation.

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